ANDREE LIN Sound Design

Kuroshio Current 黑潮

dir. Kun-Yu Lai
Taiwan, USA

An outlander tries to find the amulet that his mom gave him. During the search, he steps on the journey that he has to face the mistakes he made in the past.

2021 CAAMFest
2021 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival


Kuroshio Current 黑潮

2020, Narrative, Drama

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2020, Animation


2019, Narrative, Drama

Lakutshon’ Ilanga (When the Sun Sets)

2020, Narrative, Drama

Wild Grass 狂草

2020, Experimental


2020, Narrative, Drama

Blood Light

2020, Narrative, Sci-Fi

Premenstrual Margot

2019, Narrative, Comedy


I am a sound designer & sound editor originally from Taiwan, where I worked as a sound utility for feature films. After moving to the US, I turn my focus to post-production sound. With sound, I want to tell stories of those underrepresented.